First Donation Event!

One of this packages will help you a lot!

Server is online and its PURE FUN!

Welcome and enjoy!

Server is finally opened and now its called Evil Oblivion.
Why? It's simple. Evil Empire + Oblivion = Evil Oblivion

We will offer you best content from both of those server combined. Download client and start playing you will see how EASY , FUN and BORING (NOT) is :)

Download Client: Click here to download

About server state

Please read with understanding!

First of all is thing that we did clean Database and everyone has to register again!

- Thanks to our donators we upgraded files + bough a lot of fixes and improvements and there wasn't any other way without wipe to make it as it is now. You will see that after only few days of playing no matter if you was OLD or NEW player you will enjoy and I can promise you that!
Some players will say "I lost this, i lost that etc etc..." But that is big NO. Because now from start you will have 30% amp set and that is what only few had on previous version. So we are on good PATH. Also those who had slightly better set in past then current started set DO NOT WORRY because you will have like 10x better set then you ever had before in just FEW days of playing!

We can guarantee you one thing and that thing FUN which you will experience with every MINUTE and SECOND you spend on our server!